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  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Fast & Easy Loan Process
  • Low Paperwork Loans
  • Consultative Loan process to Ensure the
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Conventional Loans,
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You'll never see a Buffington Mortgage commercial, advertisement, computer-pop-up, or billboard. Instead, we base our business model solely on satisfied client and realtor referrals. This way we not only strive to always exceed your expectations-but we can also afford to offer services to our clients that other loan companies simply can't match, such as complimentary time with our carefully chosen industry experts if they are needed during the loan process--which include:
  • One of Austin's best building experts if there are structural questions
  • A CPA to further evaluate your mortgage fit to your long-range financial goals.
  • A Financial Planner to further evaluate your mortgage fit to your overall financial plan
  • An architect for custom home or remodeling questions
  • A state-of-the art electronic credit review & analysis system to help you boost your score in full detail prior to home buying
  • An expert in real estate & estate planning legalities
  • Constant updates as your loan progresses
  • We attend all closings to ensure accuracy on Title company paperwork, and to answer any questions you may have during this final important process.
We strive to exceed expectations for everyone who enters our doors
 in order to unlock doors of your own...
We thank all the satisfied families who helped us build our business
 in the last 20 years by reputation alone.
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